Smart ways to travel cheaply

travel cheaplytravel cheaply
travel cheaplytravel cheaply


Smart ways to travel cheaply

The one thing that holds most people back from booking the ticket and flying to an exotic destination is money. They feel travelling is expensive and they can’t afford it. But anyone can travel, it's just about finding unique ways to cut back on costs. You do not need to have a fat bank balance to travel. Here are a few ways you can save on costs and travel fairly cheaply:


Compare ticket sales

Travel cheaply by finding the best deals. Find websites which help you compare flight prices and allow you to travel to another destination on a cheap fair. Flight prices differ according to different months, days and even time.


Travel in a low season

Airports and hotels are often at their busiest during peak season, when it's the holidays and most families can travel with their kids. If you want to book a hotel when it's at its cheapest, you should pick off-season. Research the country you’re visiting and find out which months in the year are their low season.





Hostels may not have the luxury and comfort that hotels offer but does it matter? The whole point is to see a new country and expose yourself to a new world. If you’re low on cash but have a strong desire to travel, hostels could be the solution. You’ll also meet other travellers like you from all parts of the world, including backpackers and students.


House sitter

Imagine being in a penthouse with a view to die for and staying there for free. Sounds too good to be true right? But house sitting is possible and all you have to do is look after the house (and sometimes the pets) for the owner while they are away. Let's face it, hotels can be expensive regardless of if you want to stay in a 3-star or 5-star hotel. It can dent your pocket. House sitting will help you save on costs and have other things available to you. Think about it, you’ll have your own room, be able to raid the fridge for food and have TV for entertainment when you’re feeling a little bored. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.


Travel in a large group

Travelling in packs can help you cut down on accommodation costs. Share a villa or a home with other people and you’ll be able to pay lower costs than if you were travelling alone.


Labour work:


Work overseas

You could kill two birds with one stone. Have an opportunity to see the world and also earn extra money while you’re at it. You can do various jobs such as being an au pair, hostel worker or a waiter. These jobs don’t require you to have any degree or diploma or have an extensive resume. Working will give you the opportunity not only to gain a set of new skills but it's a wonderful way to get acquainted with the culture of the country. When you’re just a tourist it's hard to completely immerse yourself with the locals and their various customs and traditions.



Wwoof means willing workers on an organic farm. You can work on a farm in exchange for accommodation. This is an interesting way to get acquainted with a new country and not pay a cent for your living arrangements. But stay away from this if you’re not willing to get down and dirty.


Avoid tourist traps

When you travel but have a pretty low budget ,you need to avoid tourist traps at all costs. These places are made to lure tourists and profit off them. For example, you might be visiting Cape Town and want to see Table Mountain but you can’t afford the cable car. The solution would be to climb it instead and you’d probably end up having way more fun taking in the breathtaking view.

Another tourist trap is souvenirs, you may want to spoil your family with- I love Mauritius t-shirts (because obviously, you need proof you’ve been there) but is it really worth it? Down the road, your family will probably wear them as their pyjama tops anyway. But jokes aside, when you avoid tourist traps you’ll save your money for other, better experiences.


Cook your own food

Instead of buying food from restaurants, you can cook your own food. Ask the locals for places where you can find the best deals.


Drive instead of flying

If you're travelling inland why don’t you choose to drive your car instead of flying, especially if you’re travelling with your family? It can be costly to buy six plane tickets and still hire a car when you get to your destination. And road trips are fun, you’ll have tons of fun in your family car regardless of if it's your used Ford or a brand new station wagon.


They say the best things in life are free and the second best are expensive. But if you plan your travelling arrangements carefully and you do a little homework on ways to save on costs, you might just find out smart ways to travel on a low budget.


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