The differences between camping and glamping



The differences between camping and glamping

Some people like backpacking in the wilderness and enjoy getting their hands dirty. They love cooking their fish over the open fire, pitching up to their tents and being in nature. But on the other end of the spectrum others like their creature comforts, they may want to explore the great outdoors but like a little luxury. You may be battling to choose between going camping and glamping. But when you know the benefits of each you’ll be able to make a better decision about which is more suitable for you.


Benefits of glamping

When you go glamping you won’t need to find the perfect spot to pitch your tent and then spend time setting it up. If you choose to sleep in a camping resort you’ll have your framed shelter set up for you. Or if you use your motorhome you’ll be sorted for the night.


You’ll be able to get a restful sleep

Not everyone likes the idea of sleeping on the ground with only a sleeping bag and waking up stiff in the morning. If you pick glamping over camping then you won’t need to sleep on a hard surface because you’ll have a bed in your camping shelter. If you're sleeping in your motorhome all you’ll need is a duvet cover to keep you warm at night. Although some may consider this a camping faux pas you can rest easy knowing you’ll get a good night's sleep. You’ll obviously miss out on sleeping under the stars but you’ll feel rested and refreshed every day and ready to take on your outdoor activities.  



You’ll have the best of both worlds, some days you can roast marshmallows or cook over the hot coals. But on the days when you’re too lazy to grab the wood and start a campfire, you can pop your frozen meals in the microwave. Most motorhomes have microwaves and gas stoves built inside, giving you the option. Most motorhomes and camping shelters are set up with fridges so you can pre-cook meals at home and keep them cool until you want to eat them. This will help you save time and energy.


LCD TV screens/DVD player

When you go glamping you’ll be able to still catch up on your favourite shows, or just pop in a DVD and watch a movie. But time spent in front of the telly should be limited as it defeats the whole purpose of being outdoors in the first place.



You’ll have electricity, which means you can charge your phone, laptop. But again you should limit the usage of technology because the whole point of being out in the woods is to escape and enjoy your time out in nature.



When you are camping the only way to control the temperature would be to open and close the tent flap or change your clothes to heat you up or keep you cool. But when you choose the glamping route you’ll have an air conditioner at your disposal to make sure you’re comfortable no matter the weather outside.




Setup your tent anywhere

If the point of camping is to get away from it all then you’ll probably want to sleep in the tent. You’ll have the opportunity to set up your tent in the area which suits you, whether it's near a stream or in a forest.


Sleep under the stars

What's more wonderful than sleeping under the stars on warm summer’s evening? There's nothing more liberating than sleeping under sky full of stars, with the ground as your mattress and the trees for company. If you really want to be one with nature then camping will be a more authentic, stress-free experience.



When you don’t have distractions like your television keeping you busy, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a proper family bonding experience. When you’re at home you spend the majority of your time cooped up on the couch watching the latest series, which can rob you of family time. Camping gives the whole family an opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life. You’ll find you and your family members bonding over an open fire by sharing stories and playing games, in the absence of technology.



Glamping can be quite expensive and sometimes it even costs more than a luxury hotel, depending on the type of resort you choose. Some glamping sites have furnished settings which include hot showers and sometimes even jacuzzis. These amenities all add up which makes glamping a little more costly than your average camping trip. When you go camping you’ll be able to save on costs as it is reasonably cheap.


Packing up to hit the campground is fun whether you choose to do it in style with a bit of luxury or you prefer to keep it rough. And Spring is the perfect time for it!